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The Very Real Differences Between Thinking and Sensing

We think of our thoughts as the wellspring of our lives. Accordingly, we have given our minds dominion over every aspect of our lives and live by the rules we think up, both collectively and individually. But while our thoughts definitely do shape and color our realities for better or worse, thinking does not in any way enable us to live and function in the real-time world.

No, our ability to live in the here and now is enabled entirely by our senses.

It is scientific fact that without some kind of recognizable sensory interaction with the world around us, we are either comatose or dead. Thus without the senses we do not even have a life, much less one to think about and try to make sense of.

Despite the fact every living thing lives by sensing its reality, Man does his damndest not to.

Instead, Man's entire life is spent thinking up abstract realities that are totally different from nature's own. And totally different from Man's own inherent nature, too. Because while we've been busy developing and becoming ever-more dependent on our minds, we also have been inadvertently disabling our sensory system, the most advanced on the planet. And with it has gone our ability to perceive what is real.

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The Past Tense of Our Present Thinking

We all have a very serious problem with how we think. Especially if we continue to think the same way as we consistently have over the past few centuries.

The source of both our collective and individual thinking problems can be summed up in a single simple word: perspective.

Our minds, and thus we, still look to the way things were, not to the way things really are, much less the way things will be down the new path we've taken with our advanced technology and globalization.

The effect of this backwards view is blindness to where we are going as we speed recklessly along a new superhighway of change on which there is now no speed limit.

No road signs, traffic lights or crossroads on it, either. In fact the path we're now on hasn't even been charted yet since no one has ever traveled it before. So it goes where no Man has gone before. Just like on Star Trek, except there's no warp speed for the human mind yet.

While we've been contentedly staring in our rearview mirrors with 20/20 hindsight, the world in which we think we live and have always taken for granted has been rapidly passing by, disappearing behind us piece by piece bye piece....

But we don't even notice. It's all been either out of view or went quickly by, so busy have we been thinking, trying to figure out how to keep up with all the change in our lives.

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The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Use
A satire on the history, science and nature of the human mind

It is obvious that the mind is nothing but a computer. And a very primitive one at that since it was developed by the earliest homo sapiens during the first Stone Age (Paleolithic period).

Initially the mind came with such basic programming as Stone-Working for Dummies, War Dancing I and II, Clubbing Wild Animals, and Climbing Trees in Times of Danger. But over the ages, those evolved into Modern Art, Aerobics I and II, Guns for Wild People, and Dead-Bolting Doors and Windows.

It is also obvious the human mind is a discontinued make and model. No new versions of the processor have been developed since the introduction of the original design at least a quarter million years ago. Nor have any repair parts ever been distributed for it.

Furthermore, absolutely no new operating systems have been introduced since OS version 2.0, the one and only upgrade some 50,000 years ago developed by the Cro-Magnon. The purpose of this brain upgrade was to enable better linguistic and cultural skills for living together in new settlement environments as opposed to the more traditional roaming in wild packs.

Though the software originally installed has been overwritten too many times to recover, empirical scientific evidence confirms this singular upgrade of the human brain. Cro-Magnon Man's new operating system needed a lot more memory. Accordingly, the human brain's cranial capacity was increased from about 1150 cc to a little over 1350 cc, which just happens to still be the world average! Proof positive that there have been no subsequent upgrades of our brains.

There are those who argue that Neolithic Man also effected an upgrade around 10,000 BC. However, upon further examination it was realized that no new hardware or operating system was involved. No, only new software had been developed by the Neolithics to enable the new soft living which tool-making, cultivating crops and domesticating animals provided.

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