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Status Report as of 1/31/2008

Under development since 2005, COR3.org is currently being expanded to enable anyone in the public arena with their own website to seamlessly plug into COR3’s dynamic functionally and stream real-time information about their public endeavors directly into COR3.org’s universally-shared dynamic, interactive, uniquely-searchable database.

Additionally, this expansion will enable such public parties with their own websites to use COR3.org’s functionally not only within their own sites, but also within their own organization’s workplace where multiple incompatible pieces of costly software currently have to be used. Even in combination, such software does not provide any continuous overview or management of work thru-put from start to finish. But COR3.org will.

This new “your-site, your-organization, your-control” functionality will also be a free and open resource to all parties and entities engaged in the public arena, fully in keeping with COR3.org’s nonprofit charter to serve the public’s need for information about its affairs without fee or cost.

Originally intended for initial release in late 2008 as previously stated here, the development process involved in this expansion may push the launch date into early 2009. More information on the progress and scheduled public release of COR3.org will be made available in the next few months.

PLEASE NOTE that the domain COR3.org is currently "parked" in Plesk and will remain inactive until COR3.org is officially launched and goes live.

For Updates on the COR3.org Initiative's progress and to participate in its ongoing Open Source collective development—as an interested party/entity engaged in the public arena, or as a developer/programmer, editor/monitor or researcher/contributor—click here and signup!

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