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The Shop's Role in the Restoration of Dallas' Historic Bishop Arts District

During its nine years in business, Ifs Ands & Butts is extremely proud the shop played such a significant, ongoing role in the Bishop Arts District's revitalization, rapid raise to prominence and widespread popularity, as well as the numerous awards and honors the District's truly amazing transformation received.

These include the prestigious Greater Dallas Planning Council Award in 2005 and a Preservation Achievement Award from Preservation Dallas in 2001, as well as a "Best Neighborhood Renaissance" Award and a "Best Cruise and Schmooze" Award from the Dallas Observer. It was also named "One of Ten Things Dallas Can Brag About" by the Editorial Board of the Dallas Morning News in 2004.

Contributing to this acclaim for the District was the shop itself being named a featured Dallas Observer "Best of Dallas Award" winner in 1997, 1999, and a rare double win in both Food and Markets categories in 2002, as well as a featured cover-story winner of D Magazine's "Best of Big D Award" in 2001 and 2005.

As for the role of the shop's proprietor in the process, that is best summed up by David Spence, former City Plan Commissioner and Bishop Arts District Developer:

"...earlier than any other single merchant Hamilton Rousseau began promoting the district for destination retail and saw the value of the city-planning process in taking the district from a neighborhood gathering spot to a citywide attraction. Hamilton, who until recently lived in an old-style flat behind his shop, has participated in countless city and merchants-association meetings, including as a member of the steering committee behind the main reconstruction project.... [the 2005 Greater Dallas Planning Council Award] is a fitting tribute to his 10 years in the district."

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