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Notable and Quotable People on the Iconic Little Shop That Was

Ft. Worth Star Telegram — 1/3/1999

The Wizard of Fizz: Pop culture bubbles over at shop in Dallas

Neighbors wander in on foot, and aficionados drive across the Metroplex to pick up micro-brewed sodas that have managed to hold out against corporate bullying for a century or more...Rousseau searched the world to build his top shelf of "25 Classics."

As sunshine passed through multicolored bottles in the front window and formed kaleidoscopic designs, [the young lady] spent 10 minutes on one knee searching for a specific brand: Rat Bastard. She had given up when Rousseau glided across the shop floor to her aid. The sound of clinking glass filled the small room before he rose with a bottle in each hand....

Where Dallas — 8/1/2000

. . . Rousseau has carved out quite an enterprise...he's turned his passion for pop into an international venture, even on the internet. People travel to Dallas from across the country just to re-live a childhood taste sensation.

No doubt Rousseau's southern charisma adds to the nostalgic ambience of the store's relaxing atmosphere.

Dallas Voice — 1/31/03

The clean lines of the décor, the colorful rows and rows of soda bottles, the shelves of half-price paperbacks, and the tasteful display of designer ashtrays, lighters, and cigar-smoking accessories, even the smell of good tobacco, all blend to delight the visitor...Dallas is full of this and that labeled European...Yet the little place on Bishop Street may come closest to capturing the much-sought continental flair. The faultless ambience aside, the shop's main attraction is the proprietor himself, a raconteur not to be outdone....

Laura Miller, Mayor of Dallas, in a handwritten note — 5/10/03

Dear Hamilton, keep making Bishop Arts fantastic. Your biggest fan, Laura.

D Magazine — 6/13/03

On Bishop is the famous soda pop and tobacco store, Ifs Ands & Butts. The proprietor Hamilton Rousseau (whose name alone sums up a great deal about America) is worth the trip—an old Charlestonian full of deep lore, a philosopher, a raconteur.

DallasFood.org — 5/14/05

One of Dallas's more interesting specialty shops. And its owner, Hamilton Rousseau, is one of Dallas' more interesting shopkeepers'a voluble arm-chair philosopher with a Carolina drawl, alternatively inviting and provoking.

D Magazine by Nancy Nichols, Food Editor — 10/25/05

One of Dallas' most unique intellectual entrepreneurs and owner of Ifs Ands & Butts is closing his glass bottle soda shop in the Bishop Arts District.... However, he will keep the spirit alive in cyberspace. Thank you, Hamilton, for your dedication to the Bishop Arts District and for adding spice to the Dallas scene.

Columist Kathy Biehl, LLRX.com — 9/17/06

The Soda Gallery has taken over the space and the mantle of a quirky, much-loved soda-and-smokes shop called Ifs Ands & Butts, which closed in October 2005. Presided over by proprietor-cum-house philosopher Hamilton Rousseau, the shop gained a cult following for both its extensive and unusual wares and its role as unofficial neighborhood hangout. The mystique was so tenacious that customers begged to be let in as soon as the paper that had been hiding the Soda Gallery's remodeling came down from the windows, even though the planned opening was a week away. "I guess we're open," was the reaction of co-owner Robert Gutierrez, whose own link to the previous tenant—he'd worked in the past for three years at the shop—led him and partner Tony Font to resurrect the concept.

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