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The True Realities We Hold to be False

While we are inclined to accept as true what we know from experience and education, one of the world's great physicists, Dr. John Archibald Wheeler, has a different perspective.

Dr. Wheeler says, "The past only exists in so far as it is present in the records of today. But what those records say is determined by what questions we ask."

That is precisely what Socrates, Marco Polo, Galileo, Columbus, Newton, Franklin, Bell, Planck, Einstein and many others in our history knew intuitively. As a result, they all asked new questions and found new answers that revolutionized our existence.

But thus far, all our questions about ourselves and our species presuppose that what we humans were and are now is what we shall forever be.

That's like Columbus believing the earth must forever be flat since everybody for five thousand years said so, which he did not. The fool figured it was round and sailed off the edge. The New World resulted, as did a radically new global perspective for Mankind.

So might we not learn more, discover more, if we accepted less about ourselves, our reality and our species as a given and asked new questions instead?

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Recognizing and Developing Our Equal Potential for Greatness

Much is always said about the need for great leaders and geniuses, but those attributes are not well defined. We therefore are not able to recognize greatness when we encounter it in the making—which is why most of our greats die before they get the recognition they are due.

If you ask the greats who are still alive how they got to be great, they always shrug and say they just have a "feel" or "knack" for it, then advise the aspiring to get an education, work hard and seize every opportunity, whatever that means.

It thus is not surprising that we have no classes in any of our schools, colleges or universities about how to become great. Even if one is not so inclined as to pursue greatness, a course or two on the subject certainly would be a useful lesson in what we should expect of the greats we get by our own default.

If one takes the time to look hard and deep, though, there's actually extensive and surprising research on the subject, particularly by Gerald Holton of Harvard, Howard Gardner of Boston University, Howard Gruber of Rutgers, Albert Rothenberg of the Austin Riggs Center, Teresa Amabile of Brandeis, et. al. There's also a mother lode in Genius, Creativity & Leadership (Harvard) by Dean Kieth Simonton of the University of California, which is an extensive investigation of twenty-five centuries of exceptional achievement.

The reality of greatness they paint is very different from the image we all have in our minds. This is because, both historically and contemporarily, the greats have not been as smart, as educated, as focused or as socially acceptable as we have been led to believe.

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The Constitutional Right To Live We Are Legally Being Denied

The single most impacting event on the evolution of civilization was the signing of the Declaration of Independence. That unprecedented document not only initiated history's first successful revolt against a sovereign ruler, it also created history's first form of governance to explicitly recognize and invest its peoples with the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Of all our individual rights, that "inalienable" right is the most basic because it precedes all the other rights the Declaration's signers later delineated in the Constitution. It is also reaffirmed in the Constitution's Preamble and is not nullified or abridged by any article or amendment.

Be that as it is, the American government—the political entity that the Constitution empowers to protect our rights and promote our welfare—gives us no means whatsoever to exercise our inherent right to life, much less fulfill its promises of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As a result, what this "inalienable" right guarantees us all is hardly self-evident for every American.

In the cold, hard reality of codified law, the laws on the books that are supposed to be constitutional, we all are denied our basic right to life because we do not have a legal right to live. And the reasons why are numerous and profound.

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Truth and the Deadly Disease of Lying
Without the Truth We Live A Lie, Without the Lie We Live the Truth

Native Americans tried to tell us about speaking with "forked tongues," but we didn't listen. We should have, because lying has now become a problem of epidemic proportions in our own society today. And it's just as deadly to us and our way of life as lies were to Native Americans, both North and South.

Our role models are especially guilty of spreading this lethal pandemic. From our Presidents, generals and elected officials to our lawyers, doctors and business leaders; from our athletes, artists and stars to our teachers, ministers and pillars of society, they all lie to us. And we follow them as followers always do into the practice of lying as well, especially when we repeat the lies we're told to believe and spread as gospel.

The truth is, no one is really truthful with anyone anymore. We're not even truthful with ourselves. As a result, no one believes anyone anymore, or anything, not even our laws or our courts much less our consciences if we've managed to still have one.

But truth is the most basic of all human foundations, for without it there can be no trust. And where there is no trust there is only doubt, which then feeds upon itself until all that is left is distrust of the truth itself.

To our political, social and physical minds and bodies, that disbelief of others and ourselves is a deadly communicable disease to which no one is immune.

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The Shocking Statistics of Our Real Lives
While our leaders sleep soundly with their traditional values, the American Dream
has turned into a nightmare from which many of us will not awake....

If you have the stomach for it, review for yourself what's been happening to our society while our elected officials on whom we depend for our constitutionally guaranted well-being have argued over God, Flag and Family instead of paying attention to the facts.

1 in 5 families fits the definition of a traditional family instead of the traditional 4 in 5.

2 in 4 members of a family have to work to support it instead of the traditional 1 in 4.

2 in 3 mothers work outside the home.

1 in 4 families has only one parent.

1 in 2 adults is single.

1 in 2 children has had sex by age 16.

1 in 5 teenage girls gets pregnant.

1 in 4 children is illegitimate.

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Synthetic Qysters and Silicone Pearls

In the beginning there was only the oyster and the grain of sand. Then one eventful day, forces beyond their control changed their realities by putting the grain of sand within the oyster where it did not belong.

Forever seeking to make the best of what life has wrought, the oyster applied ever more time, pain and energy to dealing with the grain of sand in its midst. But what Nature had done was not to be undone by a mere creature of Nature. So instead of futilely trying to rid itself of the unwanted intruder, the oyster wisely set out to give the grain of sand an existence and reality all its own. And in the end when all was done, the oyster produced the pearl.

The Pearl created by the Oyster is the universe of anything and anyone, of everything and everyone. Indeed, it is any matter, tangible and real as with objects and the elements in the universe, or intangible and subjective as with the thoughts and subject matter in our minds.

We prize all the many creations of Nature for their inherent beauty and place much value upon them, all the while forgetting, thoughtlessly, the diversion of energy making them requires. For making pearls is not the purpose of the oyster. No, producing a Pearl is a unwanted intrusion into its life and existence.

Nature, being true to itself, at least creates things of lasting value from the pain and labor it extracts from its creatures. But Man, being untrue to any nature, creates only cultured pearls of far less beauty and value out of the pain and labor that Man extracts from Mankind. Such is the inherent difference between the biology of Nature and the technology of Man.

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