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Posted By Editor              Sat 04-14-2007 @ 7:35:31 PM Comments   0

William Hamilton Rousseau III, 1945 - 2008, Eclectic, Enigmatic, Cosmopolitan Charlestonian, noted communicator, strategist, researcher, philosopher, and anthropologic theorist, departed this world at 3:13pm, Wednesday, 13 August 2008.

The demise of Rousseau came as the consequence of a rare and paradoxical bleeding disorder resulting from surprise complications of his life-long nemesis SLE [Systemic Lupus Erythematosus]. Throughout the previous fortnight Rousseau had been following a radical state-of-the-craft treatment regime delivered by UT Southwestern Medical Center's team of physicians under the auspices of the Dallas Veterans Administration Hospital, Dallas TX. His departure leaves his earthly remains in the hands of UT Southwestern's research program for further study of the puzzling presentations of Lupus.

Known here in the South West territories of America as simply Hamilton Rousseau, he will be primarily remembered by the citizenry as the original founder, owner, and resident scholar storyteller of the nationally and internationally recognized "World's Most Famous Soda Pop and Tobacco Shop" IFS ANDS & BUTTS formerly located at 408 Bishop Avenue, Bishop Arts District, Olde Oak Cliff in Dallas,Texas US, 1996 - 2005.

In retirement, Rousseau had been working on the ultimate compilation of his visionary theoretics entitled "I-ZATION," publishing much of his written material on his WebSite. His beloved Aaron Kitchens, GIGABYTE GROUP, the wizard behind the curtain of hamiltonrousseau.com and core collaborator in Rousseau's intricate internet work-in-progress COR3, will be continuing the website for access and future access to some of Rousseau's work.

The Life-Long collection of tapes & manuscripts comprising Rousseau's Magnum Opus will be curated by Diane Pilot, EDAT'ART, his devoted friend, collaborator, and champion.

This Tribute Page/BlogSite has been installed for folks to read and write in your feelings, thoughts, comments and remembrances: "I remember...."

In lieu of flowers, a tribute contribution can be made to: Lupus Research, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Office of Development, PO Box 910888, Dallas Tx 75391-0888, on behalf of William Hamilton Rousseau III.

~one does not go until and unless it is time, and timing is more poetic than logical~ dp


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